Dental Sealants Can help Preserve the Health of Your Teeth for Up to Ten Years

Cavities can start out small, yet in a short amount of time they can turn out to be a big problem. If the tooth decay worsens to compromise a large amount of tooth enamel it could require invasive treatment and significant dental restorations. Most of the time your daily oral hygiene routine and your regular… Read more »

The Steps in Developing Dental Crowns

Tough chewing, chomping and grinding need to be endured by dental crowns, so these restorative treatments are made to be incredibly durable. When receiving a crown service, we make an impression of the teeth needing treatment. We then send it to an offsite location where the crown is formed in a professional lab. With a… Read more »

Take Care What & When You Drink to Care for Your Smile

We all want our teeth and gums to be healthy, right? Besides brushing and flossing your teeth every day, there are other things you can do and not do to enhance or maintain the health of your smile. Dr. and our team are more than happy to tell you some eating and drinking habits to… Read more »

Chronic Periodontal Health Problems Can Eventually Lead to the Loss of Multiple Teeth

Without professional diagnosis and remediation the mild form of periodontal disease, known as gingivitis, can gradually progress into a more serious health problem. As time goes by the bacterial inflammation and infection can cause your gums to recede from the base of your teeth. This severe gum infection, which is known as periodontitis, can cause… Read more »

Severely Compromised Teeth Might Need to Be Replaced with a Denture

Severe periodontal health problems and chronic tooth decay complications can leave you with a mouth full of missing or compromised teeth. In a situation like this, a dental implant restoration might not be a viable option. Should this prove to be the case, Dr. and the specialists at might recommend starting the process of providing… Read more »

Oral Health Care Procedures: Dental Crowns

If you have broken teeth, they can be saved with dental crowns. Dental crowns work by placing a hard tooth-like substance over a damaged tooth to not only conceal and protect the tooth from further harm above the gum line, but it can also provide an aesthetic enhancement for your smile. Teeth that may be… Read more »

The Best Smiles are Possible with Fluoride Care

Did you know that studies have proven that fluoride, in small doses, can enhance your oral health by shielding your tooth enamel? It is possible because fluoride can target your enamel and provide an added layer of protection when working together with saliva in your mouth. The best smiles are possible with fluoride care. Facts… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy to Better Your Smile

Some myths circling root canals are that they can cause sickness, it’s better to get a full tooth replacement, or they are very painful. These ideas of root canals have been circling around for years without any official data proving them. Modern technology and advancements allow your dentist to make a root canal restoration without… Read more »

A Cosmetically Bonded Tooth Needs Daily Care and Cleaning

A cosmetic bonding treatment can restore the appearance of a tooth that has been chipped or suffered from a minor dental fracture. The bonding resin seals the damaged area before a cavity can develop. The material Dr. uses to repair the tooth enamel is very similar to a composite resin dental filling. During the cosmetic… Read more »

The Basics of Tooth Replacement Therapy

Tooth replacement therapy is best described as a method for replacing teeth with suitable alternatives that function as normal teeth can. With the choices available at your disposal for replacing teeth, it is important to speak with your dentist to determine which treatment is right for you. Listed below are some of the basics of… Read more »