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Dental anxiety is nothing new, and is quite common actually. Dental anxiety is a generalized unease patients can feel about going to see their dentist. It can prevent you from having the smile of your dreams if you avoid getting checkups and cleanings, or putting off necessary treatment such as dental restorations.

Dental anxiety can arise from any number of reasons. It can include feeling fearful of pain, either because of a past bad experience or from hearing others share their stories of negative experiences. Some people fear injections, or worry that the injection won’t work, and some worry about the side effects of anesthesia. Many people have a fear of not being in control while sitting through a procedure, fearful of feeling vulnerable and helpless while someone is in their personal space.

If you are putting off getting needed dental treatment, whether you are overdue for a cleaning or are putting off having a cavity filled, we want to help. Dr. John Blake and his team understand that sometimes we need to be directly involved in reducing dental anxiety in our patients. We invite you to let us know that you are feeling anxious so we can help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment. We are happy to discuss ways we can help you ease your tension, including explaining what will happen to you during the procedure so that you can know in advance what to expect. You can also work out a signal with our team ahead of time, such as raising your arm to let us know you need us to stop for a moment. Whether you need to rinse your mouth or catch your breath for a moment, we are here to help you have a positive experience.

At the dental practice of Dr. John Blake in Lake Orion, Michigan, we believe you deserve quality care and want you to have a positive experience during your time with us. If you have been delaying treatment because of dental anxiety, we want to change that. We invite you to give us a call 248.693.5800 today and let us put your fears to rest!