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Enhancing Oral Health With Tooth Restorations

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There are many dental treatments that are designed to improve the visual appearance of your teeth and gums while also helping to improve the tooth’s health and effectiveness. For example, dental crowns can cover a damaged tooth to not only improve the visual aspects of that tooth but also add an additional layer of protection for many years to come. If you require any tooth restoration treatments, speak with our doctor to learn about your options.

If you wish to repair a tooth, dramatically enhance the look of a tooth or add an additional layer of protection, our team at the practice of John Blake, DDS, PC can make it happen with a variety of tooth restoration treatments. Depending on your needs, our doctor may recommend a single treatment or several restorations to provide your teeth with maximum protection and excellent looks.

As mentioned above, dental crowns can be used to treat teeth that are severely damaged or broken. The crown can conceal the remaining tooth structure on all sides for proper function and appearance. If you only wish to cover up imperfections only on the front of a tooth, we can apply dental veneers to drastically enhance your smile’s look.

In situations where you have developed one or more cavities, odds are our doctor will recommend that you receive a dental filling. If your teeth are stained and discolored, and if you wish to remove the stains to improve the color of your teeth, you can visit our practice for professional teeth whitening. Our whitening treatments are some of the most effective ways to brighten up your smile.

If you need tooth restorations in Lake Orion, Michigan, our team can assist you. Dr. John P. Blake can give you a complete oral examination and help you repair any damaged teeth for a better, healthier smile. Call us today at 248.693.5800 to set up your appointment.