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If you are one who often gets annoyed with dentures, we are happy to help you improve your experience with dentures! If you use the following tips each day, you will love your appliance more and more:

Eat the right foods: When you first begin wearing the dentures, it is best to eat soft foods, like yogurt, ice cream, fish, cooked veggies, and eggs. We also recommend doing so by taking small, manageable bites. Once time passes and you feel more comfortable eating with your denture, you are more than welcome to start adding more firm foods to your diet.

Use denture adhesives: Denture adhesives are beneficial products that help secure and stabilize your appliance. As you use the product, please read the instructions carefully and do not use a large amount to secure the denture. Please do not use this product to correct poorly fitted or old dentures.

Practice talking: You can get used to the appliance by speaking or reading out loud. This will help your tongue become familiar with the object and learn how to navigate around the denture without affecting your speech.

Bite and swallow before speaking: Sometimes your denture can fall out of place when you talk, smile, laugh, or eat. To prevent this occurrence, you can gently bite down on the appliance and swallow. This will secure the denture into the proper position.

Visit your dentist for adjustments: Your oral cavity will slowly change over time, which will change the fit of the denture. When this happens, you will need to visit your dentist to adjust your denture. This will help it fit perfectly again. Please do not try to adjust the denture yourself.

If you have any additional troubles with your dentures and you would like to know how to make life easier with the appliance, call our office today and talk to a member of our caring dental team. We are here to help you have the best experience possible with dentures!