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If you have broken teeth, they can be saved with dental crowns. Dental crowns work by placing a hard tooth-like substance over a damaged tooth to not only conceal and protect the tooth from further harm above the gum line, but it can also provide an aesthetic enhancement for your smile.

Teeth that may be in line for a tooth extraction may be saved via a dental crown. Dental crowns work by fully concealing teeth in a durable material down to the gum line. With a dental crown, your tooth will be sheltered and protected inside and safe from any oral hazards on the outside. Even teeth that have been shattered into bits may benefit from dental crowns, which may be able to bind the bits of tooth together.

If you have teeth that are discolored or damaged due to tooth decay, they can be fixed and repaired with the addition of a dental crown. Even though harmful acids can penetrate tooth enamel, they are defenseless against the durability of a dental crown. Furthermore, dental crowns can also be used to protect teeth that had previous dental treatments. This includes procedures like such dental fillings, bridges, implants, and root canals.

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