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Some myths circling root canals are that they can cause sickness, it’s better to get a full tooth replacement, or they are very painful. These ideas of root canals have been circling around for years without any official data proving them. Modern technology and advancements allow your dentist to make a root canal restoration without completely replacing the natural tooth.

Dr. John P. Blake and our professional staff here in Lake Orion, Michigan, strive to provide a pain-free and comfortable restoration experience for you. Root canals are needed when the pulp and root of the tooth are infected from either an injury or cavity exposing the inner part. A root canal restoration requires the following steps:

– A local anesthetic will first be administered by your dentist to numb the tooth. A dental dam made of rubber will then placed to keep the tooth area clean and dry during the procedure.

– Small tools will then be used to access the middle of the tooth to create an opening on top. Any diseased and damaged pulp will then be removed with files, and remaining pulp will be washed out with water. Your dentist will then apply an antimicrobial solution, killing any remaining bacteria.

-Gutta percha, a rubber-like material, will be used to fill the chamber. A temporary filling may be placed while you wait for your permanent crown. After it’s made and sent, it will be placed on top when you return to the dentist. A post may be placed in the chamber as well during the procedure if needed.

John Blake, DDS, PC wants to help give you the smile you need and deserve to do daily things without constant pain from an infection. Give us a call today at 248.693.5800 to set up an appointment for your root canal treatment today!