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Should You Get a Dental Implant?

The importance of replacing missing teeth can’t be overstated. A complete smile has a number of distinct advantages over one that is missing one or more teeth. A When you have a full set of teeth, you are more comfortable in social and professional situations, and won’t try to hide your teeth when you laugh or smile. Your teeth enable... read more »

The Basics of Tooth Replacement Therapy

Tooth replacement therapy is best described as a method for replacing teeth with suitable alternatives that function as normal teeth can. With the choices available at your disposal for replacing teeth, it is important to speak with your dentist to determine which treatment is right for you. Listed below are some of the basics of tooth replacement therapy and the... read more »

Common Questions About Tooth Replacement Therapy

Tooth replacement therapy comes in many forms. If you need to replace a lost or missing tooth, dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges are all effective treatments to restore your facial structure and fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth. Listed below are common questions about tooth replacement therapy: True or False: Dentures are directly attached to nearby and... read more »

Reach for the Smile of Your Dreams

Do you ever yearn for a more beautiful smile? Do smile flaws make you embarrassed, or even ashamed, of your smile? Ask Dr. John P. Blake what cosmetic dentistry in Lake Orion, Michigan, can do for your smile. Cosmetic dentistry is growing more and more popular. Our dentist has the tools needed to whiten your smile, replace missing teeth, and... read more »