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Tooth Abscesses: The Facts

You might know that you should consider visiting a doctor if you have an infection. However, did you know that you should also consider visiting our dentist if you have an infection in your tooth? In fact, it’s very important that you visit us if you have an infection because your body won’t be able to prevent the infection on... read more »

The Best Way to Remove Debris Stuck in Your Gums

Have you ever been eating some food when suddenly something--pieces of food or meat fibers--get stuck between your teeth or in your gum line? Normally this is uneventful, as you can simply rinse the material away with lukewarm salt water or mouthwash. But sometimes this can present a problem, especially if you have a habit of chewing on non-food objects,... read more »

Teeth Whitening: Watch out for These Problems

Did you know that teeth whitening is the treatment that patients request most often? In fact, Americans spend more than 15 billion dollars a year to whiten their teeth. If you are interested in whitening your smile, you can choose to visit your dentist or to buy an over-the-counter kit. But, if you are going to invest in a brighter... read more »

Frightening Facts About Cavities

A frightening time for parents lurks around the corner as Halloween peaks its pumpkin head. However, it doesn’t have to be frightening. If you can help your children receive the proper oral care they need, they will be prepared for the holiday season and all the joys it has to bring. With tooth decay thriving on the sugary sweets this... read more »