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The loss of a permanent tooth can occur suddenly from oral trauma or over time as a result of dental issues such as gum disease, but there is a solution to tooth loss at John Blake, DDS, PC. We can provide a custom dental bridge to restore a missing tooth, providing many benefits with this dental restoration.

The structure of this dental appliance is a false tooth called a pontic in dental terms, as well as two dental crowns on either side that attach to neighboring teeth to anchor the bridge. Typically, durable porcelain is the material of choice for a dental bridge because it blends with the natural teeth.

Our dentist offers two separate methods to fix the dental bridge in place, such as attaching it to the dental implant that was surgically placed in the jawbone and offers a popular fixed result. Otherwise, we can attach the dental crown to surrounding teeth so that the appliance remains removable like traditional dentures and can be taken out for cleanings. You can expect a dental bridge to last about five to seven years, though proper care can keep it in good shape for a decade or longer.

When you receive a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, this helps you to chew your food with ease and enunciate your words clearly. In fact, the function of a dental bridge is very similar to that of your natural teeth and looks practically identical.

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