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Tough chewing, chomping and grinding need to be endured by dental crowns, so these restorative treatments are made to be incredibly durable. When receiving a crown service, we make an impression of the teeth needing treatment. We then send it to an offsite location where the crown is formed in a professional lab. With a few insights of the process, you can understand how your dental crown is made.

First, the lab technicians create a mold of the tooth/teeth using the impression sent from our team. This mold will help the dental lab team in observing your teeth’s alignment, and use it to make the next impression that sustains hot substances used to make your dental crown.

With heating temperatures up to 2400 °F, the porcelain or metal used to design the crown is melted down to a molten substance, forming the shape of your smile. An additional period of heating time is needed to ensure the crown has an appropriate setting and then has time to cure. The impression containing the crown then cools and the lab staff breaks open the impression to remove the crown and apply a finishing coat. With a final look at the crown, it’s sent back to our office to be placed in your smile.

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