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Have you considered using mouthwash to help you with your oral health? If not, perhaps you should! Mouthwash is an effective tool to keep your smile in excellent health while giving you fresh breath in the process. However, it can be hard to know which mouthwash is right for you if you don’t understand the differences between them.

Our doctor, Dr. John P. Blake, is happy to help you navigate your way to positive oral health. That is why our team in Lake Orion, Michigan, is happy to share some simple insight on the different styles of mouthwash to help you find your way to positive oral health.

Here are two typical types of mouthwashes:

Therapeutic mouthwash:
Therapeutic mouthwashes are vastly efficient when it comes to reducing gingivitis, cavities, plaque, and warding off any bad breath conditions. Fluoride is an active ingredient used that promotes healthy tooth enamel and protect your teeth from the bacteria’s clutches.

Cosmetic mouthwash:
Cosmetic mouthwashes have many tasty flavors that reduce bad breath. These mouthwashes are widespread and popular, especially among children because they do not feel as strong as therapeutic mouthwashes. However, cosmetic mouthwashes do not contain the ingredients you need to ward off cavities and defend against gum disease.

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