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Cavity and Cancer Free!

When patients visit their dental office for their dental cleanings, they may not always realize that a dental checkup involves more than just the teeth and gums. Your dentist will take the time to check out the state of a your health, and look for: --tooth decay --gum disease --bone disease --bite problems --possibly take dental x-rays --clean the plaque... read more »

How to Improve Your Experience with Dentures

If you are one who often gets annoyed with dentures, we are happy to help you improve your experience with dentures! If you use the following tips each day, you will love your appliance more and more: • Eat the right foods: When you first begin wearing the dentures, it is best to eat soft foods, like yogurt, ice cream,... read more »

Help Your Children Grow into their Smile with Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are great appliances that help your child save their smile if they have lost a tooth prematurely. Although not every child needs a space maintainer if they do so, it is best to visit with the dentist and determine if your child needs a space maintainer or not. Space maintainers come in all spaces and sizes, and they... read more »